magnetic separator

magnetic separator

The interior of the RCYB series hanging permanent magnetism magnetic separator uses the high coercive force, high residual magnetism special permanent magnet “neodymium iron boron” to compose compound magnetism system, which has the characteristics of maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long using time, easy to install, easy to operate, work well and so on. It is suitable in the belt fastener, the vibrating conveyer, the electromagnetism vibration feeding engine, the yummy treats to eliminate the iron in the chute nonmagnetic material. It can eliminate 0.1~35 kilograms ferromagnetic material. The internal permanent magnetism system is above the service life 10 years. Each technical specification of this product conforms to the standards of JB/T8711--1998.

  When the permanent magnet absorbs much ferromagnetic, we can eliminate it with non-magnetic scraper or eliminate them with gloves. It is suitable for the situation of continuous work and few iron.

Product Origin: shangdong linqu
Model Number: RCYB
Brand Name: BOSITE

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