metal detector

metal detector

GJT - F series metal detector is used the assembled differetial transformer type sensor. It is adoped the latest metal detecting technology which is the digital phase and related inspection technology. It has stable performance, high detecting sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability. It is mainly used in the coal-fired power, cement, papermaking, mining, forestry, environmental protection and building materials to detect the metal materials in the material. It uses metal to enter into the electromagnetism of the sensor. The changeable singnals process it and drive actuators(electromagnet, motor switch) to work, thus remove the harmful metal.
Features: High sensitivity. The design of high sensitivity can detect the large metal and audible and visual alarm.
Detecting range: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy etc..
Time function: 1-10 seconds.
Output control: the relay
One pair of junctions often open, one pair often close.
Installation Notes:
1. when the amplitude of the belt conveyor frame is less than 0.5mm, it can be directly installed in the belt rack. If the amplitude is more than 0.5mm, you should install it on special fixed bracket.
2, the input voltage is AC 220V ± 10V, if the supply voltage exceeds this,it should be equipped with voltage-stabilizing power supply. I f the above two exceed the specified value, the metal detector may have mistakes and can’t work normally.

Product Origin: shangdong linqu
Model Number: GJT-F
Brand Name: BOSITE

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